Kuromber Lake & Broghil Valley Chitral Tour

Karomber Lake Trek 2020

Karomber lake trek is one of the top ten trekking adventures of Pakistan. Our itinerary is designed and updated by our very own local tour guide from Broghil valley in district chitral. We suggest hiring local guides to even those going on their own. We have tried to make the journey as comfortable as possible and it involves least logistical requirements which normally increase costs and make it less affordable for travellers on a budget.

Karomber (also spelled as Karambar, Karamber, Qurumbar and Qurumber) lake trek involves a refreshing journey through Yarkhun valley to the most isolated valley of Broghil in Pakistan and then a walk to the famous KaromberLake.This trek is around 8 to 10 hours from the village of Lashkergaz,donkeys,mules ,horses & local porters are used for carrying luggage .

Broghil Valley

Broghil valley is situated in Chitral district of Pakistan. It is one of the most isolated, remote and less developed areas of Pakistan. At the same time it has so much to offer when it comes to natural environment. Our trek in this beautiful valley offers nature’s best including rivers, lakes, wetlands, huge glaciers, mountains, lush green pastures, wildlife, people and more. We are offering two itineraries. The itinerary below contains complete information for services from Chitral to Chitral.The cost table below on this page also contains information on full board holiday from Islamabad to Islamabad.


  • Karomber Lake
    Karomber Lake (4,300m) is world’s 31st highest lake according to multiple sources. The lake is not far than one mile from Karambar pass that connects Broghil with district Ghizer. The distance between the two furthest corners of the lake is 1.95 miles (3.13 km). The area of the lake is at least 2.56 square kilometers. The discharge of the main lake flows into another mini lake before moving downstream towards Broghil. 

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